Strong beliefs, weakly held

Here’s a list of some beliefs and ideas I currently hold to be true:

There is no such thing as “genius”

There is only domain-specific context. You gain context by doing things. Generally “geniuses” are just people that have 10,000+ hours doing a thing. Anyone can become “genius” — just do a thing for 10,000 hours.

Do what you want

What you spend time on, you get good at. What you get good at, you get paid to do. What you get paid to do, you spend time on.
It can be a virtuous (or vicious) cycle, so do what you want!

You can learn anything

It’s just a function of spending time to acquire context (and being patient enough to spend that time).

Be ambitious about input, not outcomes

Focus on providing the best effort you can, not on getting the best result you can. The former you can control, is achievable, and will actually maximize your chance of a great outcome. The latter you can’t control, is uncertain, and can distract you from doing things actually in your control.

You’re probably better than you think

A lot of how society is set up makes it easy to feel bad about ourselves. Humans have a hard time understanding compound growth — especially in themselves.

Make decisions and chill

Get the facts, know your priorities, and then make best decision you can right now. If the facts or your priorities change, then re-evaluate. Otherwise, chill.