Cool things I’ve done

Here’s list of some interesting things I’ve done — feel free to reach out for full stories:
  • Started a VR company, raised a lot of money, and built a lot of stuff
  • Shut down a VR company after raising a lot of money and building a lot of stuff
  • Was a 2x NCAA All-American for fencing, and 4x NCAA finalist
  • Picked GIFs professionally for a startup
  • Live-commentated a fencing competition
  • Placed top 8 at a Div 1 US fencing event, beating 3 Olympians
  • Organized glow-in-the-dark ultimate frisbee
  • Started a summer program to teach fencing with pool noodles
  • Was a paid standup comedian tour guide at Stanford
  • Ran a marathon, only to promptly get tendonitis
  • Staffed a freshman dorm at Stanford
  • Fenced on a boat in the Bund in Shanghai
  • Taught volleyball + physics in Vietnam
  • Researched salmon fisheries in Patagonia
  • Recorded an online course for iOS development
  • Cut out coffee + meat from my diet (coffee is much harder)
  • Convinced a plane to turn around
  • Dropped out of Stanford to start “tinder for friends”
  • Returned to Stanford when “tinder for friends” wasn’t working
  • Organized benefit concerts for a non-profit
  • Performed in multiple musicals (as Pippin in Pippin, Danny in Grease, & others)